Aug 16 2019

Wow it’s been a while

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I am sure no one but myself really looks at this site, but if you are reading this, then you have too much time on your hands.
Let me explain what I have been up to in the last few years.

First, I intentionally took a step back from the developer community, this was for many reasons but mostly for my family. In that time, I have had the opportunity to do many exciting things. With the world moving to the cloud, I have also moved to most of my architectures to the cloud.

I got to help Epic Sciences to move to a high bread cloud-based solution where internal laboratory system integrated with AWS based API for external partners. At the same time moved to massive storage of images from a 15k per month on-site storage solution to a less than 1k per month cloud-based solution. I will not even bring in the cost savings to the air conditioning they saved. I really enjoyed my time at Epic as the system I was helping to build was enabling really early prostate cancer. My father is a prostate cancer survivor, so I was happy to help others get an early diagnosis. Some of the technologies that were used to develop the solution were to use.NET core (pre-release and went live with 1.0). We hosted the services in Elastic Beanstalk instances with a simple API gateway. This allowed the services to scale as needed but also kept costs down. It was interesting to be using .NET core at that time. We build a full AWS build test and deploy infrastructure. It allowed for a great check in to dev experience so as developers did check-ins we had real-time information on the regression of the code base as well as new capabilities.

My next experience was in a different industry… The company is ReverseVision where they have a Windows-based application that enabled mortgage brokers to give information and do reverse mortgages. This industry and the product was soooooo outside of my experience but with the great people at ReverseVision I was quickly able to understand the industry. Big call out to Jim Magner & John Button for running a great show and having a great vision, it was hard to leave. While I was at ReverseVision I got the opportunity to once again .NET core development in AWS. I architected a new set of serverless APIs that enabled partners to integrate ReverseVisions capabilities into the partner’s solutions. This allows brokers to bring reverse mortgages as options for more clients.

I am currently working with Solliance doing much more mundane tasks of working on helping to scale Solliance’s business. Using Azure DevOps, we are implementing many internal systems and processes to allow for organizational-wide visibility. At the same time, I am now fully engaged in delivering solutions on Microsofts Azure platform. I hope to do more posts about the difference of experience I have had with Azure and AWS.

I would love to hear of any of your experience using AWS vs Azure.

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Sep 19 2016

Stop iTunes From Starting From Media Keys

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I love to have music going when I am heads down into my computer but I really don’t like iTunes… So the Media key on the keyboard of my Mac has been all but useless to me until I finally did some searching and found some articles on LifeHacker. On the first post I like the first trick of renaming the iTunes application. Yes it’s command line and for some that is scary but it is quick and simple. Just open Terminal and run three lines and bam iTunes is not a problem any more.

cd /Applications/

sudo mv iTunes iTunesX

sudo chmod uog+x iTunesX

If that is a problem checkout the original articles for other ways to do the same thing.

Free Your Mac’s Media Keys From iTunes Grasp
Free Your Mac’s Media Keys from iTunes, No Manual Hacking Required

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Feb 22 2016

Mac/VMware Keyboard

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I have enjoyed for some time now using a Mac as my primary computer, I have a MacBook pro 13 inch with a Retina display. I actually have two, I purchased one for myself a while back and work issued me one. I of course I need Windows so I use VMware to run Windows (currently VMware Fusion 8 and Windows 10) and this setup is bulletproof. Well ok there was one huge pain the… in Windows the Mac keystrokes would really be problematic a good example is Ctrl + Arrow, as in Ctrl + arrow left and Ctrl + arrow right, in most editors will move your curser one word to the direction of the arrow but instead it switches the full screen application.

This one example alone was a huge issue for me, I found a workaround that was less than ideal, if you do Ctrl + SHIFT + arrow left or Ctrl + SHIFT + arrow right it would move the curser correctly but it would select the word you just moved over. This is how I have used my setups up to now but finally it was driving me crazy so I dug and dug and finally worked out how to configure my Mac and my virtual machine to get all the keystrokes as if there was no underlying OS.

There are three setting you need to set.

  1. In the Mac OS go to System Preferences > Keyboard select the “Use all F1, F2, etc. keys as standard function keys (see below)

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 10.57.01 AM


  1. On the VM go to VMware Fusion > Preferences in General select Enable per-virtual machine keyboard shortcuts (see below)

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 10.58.17 AM

  1. And on your VM Virtual Machine > Settings > Keyboard & Mouse > Edit Profile, select Mac Host Shortcuts and uncheck the Enable Mac OS Host Keyboard Shortcuts

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 3.54.46 PM


Microsoft-Natural-Elite-KeyboardAnd at long last (no really it’s been years) I can now plug in my Microsoft Natural Keyboard Elite (Yes the Old School version) and I am working away in my VM as if I were running on a PC or boot camp.

Ok there is one problem if you run the VM on all your screens it is hard to switch back to the Mac OS. You can close the VM but that will suspend it and that takes too much time. You can try to get the Mac Dock to come up at the bottom of the VM but that is flaky. The best way I have found to do it is in the VM press Ctrl + Command (or Windows) and the mouse will be unlocked from the VM, all Mac commands will then work. So now if I want to get back to the Mac OS I press Ctrl + Windows then Ctrl + Arrow to move the VM out of the way. Yes that is an extra key but for all the rest it is totally worth it!

If I have missed something or you have a better way of solving this problem please let me know.

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Mar 17 2015

IE Address Bar in popup windows

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In IE by default the address bar and the status bar is turned off for windows opened by JavaScript and that is fin for users but I want to see it when developing. The issue is that this is really a security thing so I always for get where to go to turn it on so here is how you do it…

First open the “Internet Options” dialog box & select the “Security” tab:


Here you select the zone you want to modify (I do the steps below for each zone)

Then select “Custom level…”:


Scroll down under “Miscellaneous” and find the setting “Allow websites to open windows address or status bars” and select “Enable” (by default it’s Disabled)

Now when you open a window you will see the address bar and be able to copy the URL if needed for debugging.

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Nov 20 2012

Hello World

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This is a post cross posted from my work blog at I will not be cross posting much but I wanted to make sure anyone who looks here knows what I am up to.

OK, I know that is just too easy of a title for this blog post, but hey, I am posting here for the first time. I wanted to take time in my first post here to introduce myself and I hope to explain what I am trying to do as your representative to the Icenium product group. Then, I will want to hear from you to see what I really should be doing.

My name is Woody Pewitt and I have been in the software development business for just too long to admit. I have been an entrepreneur, software developer, development manager, product manager and many other things in this crazy exciting space that we all have decided to make a living in. For Icenium I am your Developer Advocate – my goal in this role is to help you get the information you want and need to be successful with Icenium. It is also to communicate the feedback you give straight back to the development team. The crazy thing about my job is that you all have almost the same level of communication with the development team as I do thanks to the Forums accessible at our Community page. Every post to the forums gets seen by our development team. We often have conversations about the posts there to make sure we are answering and addressing your comments, questions and requests as best as we can.

Currently, I am working on a set of short videos introducing various features of Icenium.  You can see them as we post them on the Icenium YouTube account. We also have some demo projects posted to the Icenium GitHub account. You can clone any of the demos there and work with them. We will be adding more demos over time so there should be plenty for you to see there but I want to know what we are missing. I am also doing a lot of traveling to shows in order to help introduce Icenium, you can keep up to date with where I will be on the Community page or even in my TripIt profile. If I am going to be close to you please let me know, I always want to meet people and understand what we can do better for them.

I think that is enough about me and what I am trying to do – now it’s your turn let me know what you want to see me do. Please feel free to leave a comment, post requests, or just email me!

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Sep 21 2012

Mobile Application Development

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Have you been looking for a way to get in to mobile application development?

Well I have been looking around have been playing with Apache Cordova (aka PhoneGap). OK so why am I liking Cordova? To be honest because the way smarter people I work with here at Telerik looked at the options and decided to build the new not yet released product that I work around it. I have done a buch of looking myself to see if would have come to the conclusion (ok I did this long before coming to work on the product) and I did come to the same conclusion. Why? Well a lot of reasons but a big reason is the community that has grown up around Cordova. I recently attended the PhoneGap Day in Amsterdam and this event reinforced my conclusion.

If you have not looked at Cordova I would suggest you check out the Apache site for it and then check out the Getting Started Guides. You will see that while Cordova solves a lot of problems with the cross-platform issue there are still many moving parts (SDKs, platforms and code) that you will need to understand, setup and maintain but it’s better than trying to do native development for the platforms you want to target.

Let me know what you think, have you done some Cordova programming?

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Sep 20 2012

Facebook & HTML5 – What is all the fuss over?

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fb_html_notSo in my new job I work with HTML5 on mobile platforms all day, with a product that I still can’t talk about (I will be able to soon). So when Mark Zuckerberg made is comments about HTML5 (read full statement) and the press jumped all over it proclaiming HTML5 on mobile was dead I was a upset by how much damage control I and anyone involved with Apache Cordova and other HTML5 mobile platforms are going to be doing for the next year.

So lets take a look at HTML5 on mobile platforms and see what it’s good for and what it’s not.

If you have not looked at Cordova (formally PhoneGap) or other such cross-platform solutions they enable you to create a single code base and have it run on multiple operating systems and devices. Like any cross-platform solution the cross-platform mobile solutions can’t take advantage of every feature of the platforms they target. Is this a problem? Yes and no! For the vast majority of applications that is not a issue, if you look at the applications I have on my Android device all of them could be written with Cordova. The advantage of using the cross-platform is that I can create an application and have it up and running on many devices without having to rewrite my application for each of the devices.

I in no way am saying that Facebooks decision to create a native iOS application was wrong but I think it was more of evolution. I will not go in to why there JavaScript was likely the issue but they did have some valid reasons to move to a native application. I think that like the last time we were using cross-platform tools once you prove a market you can then justify going native but for the developer who dose not have the resources Facebook has Cordova [with the yet to be released product] enables a single code base that can handle at least the 80% scenario for mobile applications.

I can’t wait to start sharing more information with the world!

Some more reading on the Facebook app:
Under the hood: Rebuilding Facebook for iOS
Perf Feedback – What’s slowing down Mobile Facebook
Not Everyone Is Facebook: HTML5 Will Still Thrive
A really geeky wonky message thread

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Aug 08 2012

Super quick Introduction to HTML5

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Super quick introduction to html5 from Woody Pewitt

Last night I presented to the San Diego .NET Developers Group about HTML5. I was surprised that no one in the audience was currently rendering HTML5 so I think this was a good topic for them.

The over all premise of my talk was that if anyone went searching for HTML5 content you most often find content around video playback, Scalable Vector Graphics or the canvas. All topics worthy or exploring but to be the simple functionality of the new form elements (or I should say the promise) is where HTML5 gets some nice functionality. This also really affects mobile browser space as device browsers will more and more use the new form types to customize data entry for the end user. So when you are asking for a email the device might have a custom keypad for that type of entry.

Support for the new form elements is quite spotty which you can test your browsers at Lets take a look at the new elements (the list below is just the new elements all old elements are still supported).

<input type=”date” />

<input type=”datetime” />

<input type=”email” />

<input type=”month” />

<input type=”number” />

<input type=”range” />

<input type=”tel” />

<input type=”time” />

<input type=”url” />


As you can guess having specialized functionality for these inputs would greatly enhance data entry on a desk top or limited form factor device. In previous versions of HTML we would have to had to add a considerable amount of extra markup and JavaScript to get things like a calendar to popup.

Jan Kleinert from Google did a nice explanation on all the new elements and the new attributes that can be used on them. Check it out Making Forms Fabulous With HTML5.

Soon I will do some screen shots from various devices to see how well they support the new form elements and attributes.

And I want to apologize to everyone who was at the meeting, I was running a fever and was not at the top of my presenting game.

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Jul 20 2012

Back to Evangelism!

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Today day is my last day at King Schools, the time here has be fantastic! I have enjoyed working with everyone at King Schools and been truly impressed with how John and Martha run there business. They have build a great company around there passion for flying while enabling many other people learn to fly. I simply can’t express how dedicated the King’s and every individual that works for them is to get the best training content in to the hands of students. Every day I see the feedback from the people who use the content from King Schools and can’t believe how much people simply glow about how they liked the content. For the first time as a software professional I saw absolutely fantastic feedback from a user base. I will truly miss King Schools!

Now as for where I am going… let me start by telling you how I got pulled in to the new job. At King Schools (and my own interest) there is a need to deliver applications on mobile devices, customers were demanding it and it’s becoming expected more a more at the smart phone market grows. I have done mobile development on Microsofts CE platform for along time (we are really talking a really long time here) and I had played with Windows Phone 7, iOS & Android development and creating at least two platform specific applications at King Schools was just impossible with the constraints we had on development. So as I was looking in to options I received an out of the blue email from my old buddy Doug Seven offering to reveal something wonderful if I was willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement. That’s right with no further information information I signed on the bottom line and waited, a week or so later Doug had a web based meeting for myself and several other people he had gotten to sign as well. I was simply astounded at what he showed us and a few days later I was working with Icenium my self. I commented to Doug when I saw him at the MVP summit that I liked the product a lot and would be inserted in working on the team when they really had something ready to go to market with. I was thinking they would be a year or so before they would be ready so imagine my surprise when he contacted me just a month or so later.

Well here I am, just posting this as I walk out of King Schools and getting on an airplane to go to the Telerik headquarters at 6:50a tomorrow to meet my new team and find out what I will really be doing for the next few years. I am really looking forward to getting to help in the success of Telerik & Icenium!

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Apr 10 2012

Geek vs. Hipster

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OK normally I don’t just repost stuff but this was just too classic! Any guess witch side I fall on?

Geeks vs Hipsters

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