May 09 2003

Last Class…

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Ok I finished my last latest .NET class I am going to do another class soon check out my site for information.

I had shown a avi file that a lot of people liked if you want it here it is! I am sorry if it offends anyone just know it may offend!

Next I had said I had found out that there was a DB2 ADO.NET managed provider. I have no information about it but if you need or want it go for it. Please let me know if you use it.

I also had a request for the wallpaper that I had used in the class so this is it Navy Morning I hope you enjoy it and remember the government may send the people of the military to do things that you don’t agree with but they deserve and have earned our support!

To all in my Spring 2003 class thanks! If you have any .NET related questions please let me know, as I have time I will get back to you.

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