May 17 2003

Back in the game

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I took some time off to recuperate from a minor surgery and now I am back (well I came back Wednesday and been playing catch-up).

Today I realized my most favorite program SpamKiller was not getting updates anymore so I gladly paid $39 for the new version and what do I get… McAfee puked all over my computer! There security center or some name like that was also installed and all to does is tell you that you need to get all there other software. Ok so they want to advertise I figured out how to stop it from running again, I had to remove keys from the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run key in the registry, but this is not something that everyone would know how to do. So then I was ok with the state of but then I restart my system later the same day and I get a popup window telling me of a new e-mail virus and that I need another of there software products! If it happens again I am going to return this darn thing and go back to the old version.

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