May 25 2003

I am back (like anyone cares)

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I got back from a trip to a new customer in Cincinnati wow I now understand that high speed connectivity has a long way to go! I was staying at a hotel that had no network access (other then phone modem). It was like being in the outback or something and to top it off my computer got blinky on the road and Office 2003 beta stopped running on my system so I could not get much done at night. So now I am working all weekend (and this is Memorial Day weekend) wow is my wife pissed!

It was a good trip as far as the new project goes, it looks like there will be some fun to it but the time line is tight. It’s a .NET Compact Framework project that will be using SQL CE replication and some FTPed flat files. Lots of data so load time is critical and there is a current application that we are to us as a UI template and some the the screens are going to be a challenge to redesign.

I have been rereading a few books the best one that I suggest for .NET Compact Framework is Microsoft .NET Compact Framework it is one of the best MS Press books of all time that has the label “Core Reference”.

Now it’s time for me to get back to rebuildding my system…

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