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Jun 26 2003

Darn Blogger!

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Well just after adding this new change and posting my entry to describe it my blog site started to blow chunks! They have increased the size of there entry id filed. I had it defined it as an int in my SQL database and a int in all my code, so I had to change […]

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Jun 21 2003

New comments code added

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For a while now I have been working on some code that will allow anyone to add comments to my bolg entry’s. So you all can now start telling me how full of s#*% I am. At this time all the comments get approved for viewing but I have code built so that I could […]

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Jun 20 2003

More webcast info

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Will I have been a busy guy I did another webcast for Microsoft today and I promised to post some info so here it is! If you are using COM interop and you want to release or reduce the ref count to the COM object you need to use the ReleaseComObject method of the Marshal […]

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Jun 17 2003

Background Intelligent Transfer Service

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I found a link on to a good article about using BITS from .NET I will look in to this more soon but it looks like the way to do any large file copying.

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Jun 11 2003

Webcast info

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The URL to the information I promised to be posed at my companies web site is the files are not there yet but will be soon.

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Jun 10 2003

TechEd photos

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Well I am back from TechEd and just turned on the computer again and though someone might want to see what I did there. The first thing you can do is go to the web site that I supported at net check out the for other peoples take on the show. Then see […]

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Jun 08 2003

PowerToys for Visual Studio .NET 2003

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I of the guys I work with pointed out that on there was a newly released set of PowerToys for Visual Studio .NET 2003 this is a cool set of tools that any one will want. Take a look!

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Jun 07 2003

New Internet Explorer Addon/Addin

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Well for the last few days I have been using Avant Browser add-on to IE that makes IE a fully MID application. It as been invaluable this week with me supporting a local web site and a production site. I could manage my different browser windows much easier then just IE it is way to […]

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Jun 06 2003

Whoops not quite

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For a number of reasons we are not going to bring any Pocket PC applications on line. This bums me out to no end me and the group that worked on this busted A@@ to get the app done and deployed but it’s just to late. We should have the apps up and running at […]

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Jun 05 2003

Compact Framework Development

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I hate to point out how much of a geek I am but last night sitting in the hotel bar with no network connection I discovered that to do any PPC emulator debugging or communication that you need a network connection. So I needed the Microsoft Loopback adapter in order to be able to work […]

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