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Aug 28 2003

Power Mac G5 not as open to Windows | CNET

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OK I have stayed quite on some topics here because I did not want them to reflect on my employer but forget it, it’s time to start to us a blog for what it is meant for :). Saw this great article on cnet about how the new G5 Macs don’t run Windows software as […]

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Aug 26 2003

Longhorn at PDC

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It looks like Microsoft will be releasing a version of the Longhorn OS to attendees! Read more at cNet.

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Aug 19 2003


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I needed to rip some CDs so I could have them with me at work and I discovered that Windows Media Player will not rip to MP3 by default you have to spend $$ to get a plug-in for it. Quite some time ago a friend had turned me on to a free application to […]

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Aug 12 2003

Ok so it has been a while…

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WOW ok so I am not the best blogger in the world. I am in a new mode of blogging! I am up in Redmond for a look at ASP.NET so I am not able to talk much about what I am doing at work so this blogg is going to go more in the […]

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