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Apr 24 2004

WMI… What?

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OK if you have not used or looked in to WMI then you need to! The problem with wain if the documentation sucks! Well Microsoft has a great tool the WMI Administrative Tools this tools lets you explore what great information is available with the WMI interface.

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Apr 23 2004

Some good language information from Microsoft.

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I get a tone of questions every class about the differences between VB.NET and C# and there are some crazy people who want to know about managed C++. I buddy showed me two good articles that may help to answer some of the questions. Language Equivalents is a MSDN topic that covers common programming concepts […]

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Apr 23 2004

Reinstall IE

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My IE install some how got messed up I could not get “Find” to work. IE would say that some GUID was not registered, it really sucked. I finally found this article How do I reinstall Internet Explorer 6.0 on my XP machine? up on MCSEworld this is the second problem I had that I […]

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Apr 22 2004

Netmeeting is not dead

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At the new place I am working at for the next few months they use Netmeeting to share applications I went to install it on my Windows 2003 system and guess what… It will not install! So I figured I was SOL but I did some digging on the web and found an article that […]

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Apr 21 2004

.Text Custom Skins

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I found this cool little article of how to make .Text skins. It’s simple and easy, I know my skin is not to customized but I know I could do it if I wanted to 😉

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Apr 19 2004

Cool I am back 100%

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I am now back to my blog 100% I just got w.bloggar working with the newest version of .Text so now I have a rich client to do my blog entry in. I did not see or understand that the new version of .Text dose not have it’s old mataWeblog api service it now is […]

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Apr 17 2004

My blog is back

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After a long hiatus I finally have my blog back online and upgraded to the new .Text. I am having trouble getting my favorite blog editor (w.bloggar) to download but once I get that up and running I will be fully back in business. Just to review don’t look here for much stimulation or intellectual […]

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