Jul 13 2004

RE: TechEd Content available

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Microsoft is once again showing how it sucks (this is on a few beers) but they have locked up the links blow. Now I know more then most that the thinking goes that if you give away the content people will not show up for the MS love fest that is TechEd but I think MS needs to think that free = more eyes.

There were several posts on blogs.msdn.com about this content and since they decided to pull this they need to explain why they pulled free access to the content to this community that they are trying to foster.

All regular sessions that were given at TechEd in San Diego are available in video and power point slides from http://microsoft.sitestream.com/teched2004/. I have watched\listened to a few sessions so far the two are standouts:
I will post any more that I see that are standouts.
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