Jul 15 2004

RE: Wisdom on hiring

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Christa points out a great article on MSDN on about hiring for ISVs I think most of this applies to solution providers like the one I work for InterKnowlogy some of the items pointed out in the article really hit home like “Know the Law” we let just about anyone conduct interviews and I have heard some inappropriate questions asked that if the person being interviewed wanted could have gone after us. Any way a good read if you are at all involved with the hiring process.

Just had a chance to read through Eric Sink’s latest column, Hazards of Hiring. He gives a really insightful overview of the qualities and experience he looks for when hiring developers for his organization. Having worked in the small ISV space myself in the past, I have to say,”Read and learn.” When your entire company is 10 people or so, having 1 person who can’t make a go of it (for whatever reason) is both obvious and painful. Hope those of you who work in similar environments find this useful next time an interview loop is on your schedule.

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