Jul 16 2004

RE: Jason Anderson – Late night with the Burton team (Visual Studio Team System), Part I

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Well the guys at Channel9 have been posting some great videos of late the one linked below is a great one about Team Services.

I still can’t believe that MS lets Robert Scoble run around loose with a video camera and them post all of this stuff. Many may not know but Robert Scoble has been around the MS development community on and off from the VB 1.0 days on CompuServe forum days. He as gotten in trouble several times by talking about things that the Powers Above did not want disclosed at the time and it looks like he has found a place that is encouraging him to do that. Thanks Robert and the entire Channel9 team keep up the good work!

This is a different kind of video for Channel 9.

Watch the Video
[Via Channel9 Forums]

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