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Sep 16 2004

Genghis Project

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I had looked at this a few years ago when this project was started and there were not that many features implemented so I did not use it but I was just reminded of this from lessing to an old .NET Rocks show and wow now there are a ton of features so enjoy! […]

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Sep 15 2004

MSDN redesign

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Looks like MSDN is doing some new .NET documentation design. Junfeng Zhang’s .Net Framework Notes

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Sep 14 2004

FTP class…

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I released some code (based on others good works) on how to implement FTP in C# see my .NET FTP component post. Well I knew it was coming and I did not look in to it yet but here is a good post about how .NET 2.0 will implement FTP. Understanding the basic of FtpWebRequest programming […]

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Sep 09 2004

Major Causes of Software Project Failures

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I found a good article on software project failures Major Causes of Software Project Failures.

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Sep 09 2004

September San Deigo .NET User Group

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I just got back from the latest San Diego .NET Developers Group meting, it was a great meeting! We had John Miller down from Orange county to talk about Test Driven Development & Automated Unit Testing in VS.NET. I did another look at JetBrains‘s ReSharper product. After the meeting we had some good conversation about how outsourcing […]

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Sep 08 2004

Gmail any one?

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I have 6 Gmail invitations if anyone wants them… Let me know soon! If you don’t know what Gmail is then you don’t want one.

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Sep 04 2004

What has Woody been up to?

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For the last few months I have been working at HP in Rancho Bernardo working with there Instant Share. I like the gig so far the people are smart and cool, I was brought in as a scaleablity expert so help them meat the ever increasing demand on there service. The code base is solid but […]

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Sep 03 2004

New Bogging client

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With the rebuild of my system I also switched a new bogging client. I had been using w.blogger and don’t get me wrong w.blogger is good and the price it right (read free) but there it is a bit slow and has flaky support. The last beta of the next version was published in July […]

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Sep 02 2004

Back to blogging!

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OK I think I am back from my blogging hiatus. I had to rebuild my system and just could not face the web UI way to post to this blog so until I got a blogging client setup I just did not blog anything. No that dose not mean I have a backlog of things […]

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