Sep 09 2004

September San Deigo .NET User Group

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I just got back from the latest San Diego .NET Developers Group meting, it was a great meeting! We had John Miller down from Orange county to talk about Test Driven Development & Automated Unit Testing in VS.NET. I did another look at JetBrains‘s ReSharper product.

After the meeting we had some good conversation about how outsourcing to India and eastern Europe will change software programming. As John pointed out the major problem with software development is the cross over of business needs and development understanding. My contention was that organizations have accepted that a certain percentage of software related projects will fail and instead of trying to build in more quality they are willing to accept that level of failure and are looking for ways to reduce the overall cost of software development.

I need to do some research but I think if organizations would implement good development processes (this the entire process, requirements on down) while this would increase initial costs of projects the percent of failures could be dramatically reduced.

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