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Oct 28 2004

Sick sick sick… but good!

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Starts off slow but just wait….

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Oct 23 2004

Back In The World

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I recently got a cool Verizon wireless card so I can be connected any where (I am not sure I want to be but hey I am a geek) when I first installed I was running Windows 2003 Server on my Compaq Evo laptop (yes a server on a laptop… did I say I was […]

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Oct 15 2004

Smallest Full Computer Yet!

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Darn I want one of these things! OQO model 01 Update: more info The OQO hardware

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Oct 08 2004

Access Class Web Site!

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OK no matter how I show this in class I always have people say they can’t find the class content on my site so here is the process all documented if you can’t figure it out from this then you need to get out of the class! Go to Login using the e-mail address […]

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Oct 07 2004

It was just a matter of time

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Yep a good ASP.NET security hole has been found and will be great fodder for the Linux crowed . To get all the details see What You Should Know About a Reported Vulnerability in Microsoft ASP.NET I found this on Brian Goldfarb’s Blog where he points out some other details and sources of information about this. […]

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Oct 05 2004

Now for something different

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OK if you are in the mood for something strange check out but be warned there is nothing G raged about the language used! Update: The best one is TECH-SUPPORT.

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