Oct 08 2004

Access Class Web Site!

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OK no matter how I show this in class I always have people say they can’t find the class content on my site so here is the process all documented if you can’t figure it out from this then you need to get out of the class!

  1. Go to ucsd.pewitt.org
  2. Login using the e-mail address you registered or that I sent the notice to saying you have access.
  3. Once lodged in note the arrow that is now on the “UCSD Classes” menu item move the mouse over that menu and pop up comes the magic menu “Class Site” click on this and all wisdom of the world will be yours to have!
Login to pewitt.org Your e-mail and password here (note the text above the text boxes)
Magic menu Magic menu, if you don’t see if then you are not using IE 5 or better or java script is disabled!

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