Oct 23 2004

Back In The World

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I recently got a cool Verizon wireless card so I can be connected any where (I am not sure I want to be but hey I am a geek) when I first installed I was running Windows 2003 Server on my Compaq Evo laptop (yes a server on a laptop… did I say I was a geek) any to make a sort story long the software was not supported and when I did go ahead and install it boom my network stack was corrupt and un-installing it did not fix it.

I decided to rebuild my box this time back to XP so I could test Service Pack 2 for XP. OK fun part of this was that this was over a weekend that I had committed to build a httpModule for my current customer to fix a MAC client issue that was caused by .NETs more accurate compliance of http standards (yes I talked them in to going from an asp\vb 6 component to a .NET component and boom stuff stops working) but it was that all along the MAC client had been sending a malformed request. So the httpModule just rearranges the few bytes that are misplaced and boom now the MAC client works as it should with no code change to the main .NET component… sweet. But I digress so now I have a XP system with SP2 and yes the new wireless card works no problem. It is not as fast as I though it would be but it’s much better then not beefing connected at all.

There is one thing I have done and I am not happy to admit it but I have stopped running as a user I am back to running as a local administrator. There were so many problems with software that I run quite often that just made it too much of a pain in the a@@. Example is Winamp I don’t get that what the heck does Winamp need to wright to it’s main directory? Well running as a user is a great thing for security reasons and there are ways around all the issues I ran in to but it was just painful and what can I say I am just lazy.

Any way I am back to blogging again… we will see how long this will last.

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