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Nov 30 2004

I hate Spyware!

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99% of my family computer support questions are now related to Spyware! There is no 100% fix but I have found a good resource for removing bad things from you computer. The site is I have yet to clean system with the advice and tools there but I am sure I will next time I need […]

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Nov 06 2004

Wow PBS is so out of touch

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I for the first time saw the PBS show Tucker Carlson: Unfiltered after seeing Carlson be so unreasonable with Jon Stewart if you did did not see it look at the ifilms clip. Carlson is just a joke that has too much makeup on and can’t see that he may not know what is going on in […]

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Nov 04 2004

Camp-out pictures

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I posted some pictures from Max’s and my camp-out at Catalina. Catalina Island (Two Harbors) 2004 Once you click on a image you will most likely need to scroll down to see the larger version of the image.

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