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Dec 30 2004

Project Distributor

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On Scott Water’s blog (where I was looking for news on his new version of .Text called Community Server) I found a cool site called Project Distributor. ProjectDistributor is a web application for distributing small pieces of software – such as tools, components, widgets and controls. Users create groups to store projects against and visitors can login […]

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Dec 28 2004

Microsft log parser support?

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I have used the log parser from Microsoft in the past and always been disappointed with the level of support from Microsoft for it but today I found a cool site that has some gems The Unofficial Log Parser Support Site.

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Dec 17 2004

Enterprise Development Reference Architecture

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As I sit a far too early meeting at a Microsoft in Irvine office listening to a Patters And Practices talk about the Enterprise Development Reference Architecture I realized that Microsoft may have learned what chaos they have wrought to the world. I am one of Microsoft’s biggest supporters, my home and lively hood is […]

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Dec 14 2004

Microsoft playing catchup?

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Google released there desktop search tool a little while ago and guess who is now on there heals I love to see Microsoft getting pushed but at the same time I don’t think it is worth it to them to fallow a recognize market leader.  Good luck MS. Find anything, anywhere fast with MSN Toolbar […]

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Dec 14 2004

New Google!

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A buddy at work send me this great link to a new site at Google that will as you type give you suggestions as on other searches that have been done. This is cool! Check it out! Google

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Dec 11 2004

Happy Chrismahanukwanzakah To all!

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Dec 08 2004

BlogJet 1.2 Beta

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DiFolders Software has released beta 1.2 of Blogjet which is what I use to blog. There are quite a few nice new feature and has been quite stable so far. One new feature is that it dose image resizing so here is a test of that. Edit: Cool looks like it works like a champ! Look […]

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Dec 08 2004


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I have been working on a new hobby project, it is a direct ripoff of a application that I used when I was working with Microsoft. It was called Richcopy and wow is all I can say! The big feature of it was that it would do multi threaded copying of files which helped speedup […]

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Dec 04 2004

.NET Application Updater Component

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I am using this as the component to update the new StreamMachine project I am working on. .NET Application Updater Component

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Dec 01 2004

The 46 Best-ever Freeware Utilities

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Some cool free tools for your computer. The 46 Best-ever Freeware Utilities

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