Dec 08 2004


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I have been working on a new hobby project, it is a direct ripoff of a application that I used when I was working with Microsoft. It was called Richcopy and wow is all I can say! The big feature of it was that it would do multi threaded copying of files which helped speedup copying from disk to disk as doing a normal file copy as a lot of time is spend on the transport mechanism and not on disk IO. I will do some testing comparing doing copy one at a time vs multi threaded but from experience it dose save a bunch of time.

A buddy of mine has offered to help with the look of the application as I am a horrible UI designer but as of yet all I have gotten is help with the name. Originally I called this project Richer Copy but he talked me out of that and he came up with StreamMachine… I am not so sure I like it as I think names should reflect what the application dose or is about but what do I know.

At any rate if you are willing to give StreamMachine a try in a early alpha let me know and I will email you a copy if not check back here for a beta release soon.

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  1. Keith says:

    Sorry to bother, but did you ever get anywhere in writing "StreamMachine"? I sure could use a multistream copy program like RichCopy, an am really bummed that production didn’t continue on it.