Dec 17 2004

Enterprise Development Reference Architecture

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As I sit a far too early meeting at a Microsoft in Irvine office listening to a Patters And Practices talk about the Enterprise Development Reference Architecture I realized that Microsoft may have learned what chaos they have wrought to the world.

I am one of Microsoft’s biggest supporters, my home and lively hood is directly linked to Microsoft’s success (as well as a large part of my retirement) but they have made it so easy for hack/cowboy developers that there technology gets blamed for all the worlds ills.

The good news is that with the other PAG projects and now this EDRA Microsoft is at-least trying to make the hack/cowboy developers aware of some bigger issues. What they missed is that they have tried to solve the uber problem at the “Enterprise” level. Well no one is going to implement a truly “Enterprise” solution with there technology until they have some success at the work-group and then the department level so they need to address this space first.

They also need to show how there upcoming tool set (Visual Studio 2005) will help with any implementation. But apparently they have not started to even port the current EDRA to that environment. By the way if you have not looked at VS 2005 (aka Widbey) you need to it rocks!

And yes you can look forward to a disclaimer coming to this blog soon as I know I could catch some crap for this type of post.

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