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Jan 24 2005

Visual Studio 2005 Training

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This week I am in LA giving a Visual Studio 2005 Early Adopter training for Microsoft to a early adopter partner (I don’t know if I can so who). I only had a week to to the prep for it but Microsoft did have all of the material available from there “Rhythms” content. Part of […]

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Jan 19 2005

Snooping by satellite

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Via this scary story Snooping by satellite | CNET not that I care but I just happen to be thinking tonight on the way home that George Orwell was 20 years off with 1984. Gee thanks Bush I feel so much more secure. I know the argument if you don’t do any thing wrong then […]

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Jan 14 2005

Email Encoder: Avoid E-mail Spam v2.0

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I had used this site in the past but now they have a new “user challenge” component that makes it even better… Enjoy! Email Encoder: Avoid E-mail Spam

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Jan 11 2005

Microsoft Windows AntiSpyware

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Looks like Microsoft is now trying to help them selves in the perception issue with the Microsoft Windows AntiSpyware it is now beta but looks good. I have been running it today and have talked to others that have run it for a week or so now with no problems. So now with XP service pack […]

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Jan 07 2005

Gadget freak?

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I am a huge gadget freak and I hate this time of year because the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is on this time of year and it shows me that once again I will be fighting with my wife on what I “need” to get . There is some good coverage of what is at the […]

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Jan 06 2005

Me a football fan?

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OK I know this seams strange but I am not a “sports” fan at all! But I do like just about any sport live, at a venue and enjoyed with friends. My company gets Chargers tickets each year and if the tickets can’t be used for “sales” purposes  then they go up for grabs for […]

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