Jan 06 2005

Me a football fan?

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OK I know this seams strange but I am not a “sports” fan at all! But I do like just about any sport live, at a venue and enjoyed with friends. My company gets Chargers tickets each year and if the tickets can’t be used for “sales” purposes  then they go up for grabs for us in the company. I had the tickets for Sep 19th (my birthday) but something came-up and I could not go but I was lucky and got the last regular season tickets.

It was a fun game but I think American football needs to take a page from English football (that is soccer to us yanks). When I was working in England a while back I was extremely fortunate to get to go to two Newcastle United games. My relatives (really Sam’s) have season tickets that include access to a suite or club that has a buffet and a bar staff so before the game you sit, eat and drink (a lot) with a large group then before you go out to the game you fill in a drink order for half time. After the gave they serve desert, coffee and more drink! It is a blast and the perfect way to see a game, as much fun as tailgating is here this was more fun!

So any way I just made a simple post more in depth then needed but well I guess that is what this space is for. Here are some pictures of my son and his buddy before and after the Chargers game.


Before the game we did some real tailgating


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