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Apr 29 2005

New skin

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Well I hope the new skin is liked. I liked the old skin I had with the .Text implementation of this blog so I tried to implement it here with dasBlog and have found some interesting things about how dasBlog works. There seams to be a lot of iterations through the skinning code I want […]

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Apr 16 2005

I am all dasBlog

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Yep I have done it, made the switch from .Text to dasBlog. I was shocked at how easy it was, I found a tool called DotText2DasBlog and it helped a lot. I did have to drop all my old comments and by hand move the images but wow from what I had been looking at doing […]

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Apr 15 2005

Blog Comment Spam

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I have been getting a lot of comment spam on this blog, I hate spam of all types so I wanted to see what I could do. I can turn off comments to this blog but I like to let people leave me feedback in how wrong headed I can be some times. So off […]

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Apr 14 2005

Not blogging much

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I am looking at moving this blog to a different platform most likely das blog. My buddy David McCarter has a das blog site up and running and that is why I am looking at das blog.

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Apr 09 2005

VB 6 Still kicking

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I am not sure when this was a lunched but today I found VBRun it is a Resource Center for Visual Basic 6.0. Some may say that this is strange but not so MS is still committed to supporting the developers that of plenty of valid reasons can’t move to .NET at this time. Do I think […]

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Apr 08 2005

New MSN Messenger!

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I have been using the MSN Messenger beta now for quite some time and have enjoyed it just for the cool factor but now with it’s release now you can do audio conversations, have personal messages and much more. Go check it out MSN Messenger.

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Apr 06 2005

Huge news about me…

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Well for my two readers out there I have some huge news… I am leaving my current job at InterKnowlogy for a job with Microsoft! WOW that is correct MR politically incorrect is going to work for Microsoft. Yes I do see some changes happening in my life due to this. I am going to take […]

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