Jun 13 2005

TechEd 2005… DONE!

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Well I am sitting in Orlando International Airport waiting for my flight home and thinking back on a great TechEd experience. It was a strange thing, I did not go to TechEd last year as the last company I had worked for had lost the Commnet contract for TechEd and I just was too busy with other customers. So it was strange to be back at TechEd as a normal attendee and not as crew. I always had fun as crew but in the end it was nice not having to work that many number of hours… at the show I did the same level of effort overall but this time it was at all the cool parties

The first night got it rolling, I hooked up with several RDs and other influencers and had a great dinner.
As you can see we all had fun . Thanks to an attendee from Japan Kazuo Furuyama for the picture we invited Kazuo over to have desert with us after we had attacked hour dinners.

I saw some great talks about Visual Studio Team Systems, I do think this product has the opportunity to fundamentally change MS development shops! If you have not seen much about VSTS go get some information about it soon!

To help you get exposed to VSTS Microsoft has released a new dvd that has a timed version of Visual PC with a copy of a single server installation of VSTS. I have not played with the VPC Image yet but this is a HUGE thing (in my humble opinion) now we have hope of having this type of early distribution of more great products so customers can play with things early. I have no idea how these dvds will be distributed but I am sure they will be readily available.

I was incredibly lucky and got asked by Richard Hundhousen to co-present with him on Thursday on web security issues. We spoke in one of the big rooms with about 1000 seats and the feed back was great… Thanks a gain Richard for letting be share the stage with you, I am just sorry we will not get to do something at TechEd Europe but my sons birthday is July 4th and I want to start living the whole ME encouraged “life/work” balance.

I am now looking forward to PCD in LA where I will be helping coordinate some events for the local users groups and other interested developers. I am making sure that any developer who wants to come to the evening events can get in to the conference center, look back here for details.

Let me know what you thought of TechEd and what you would like to see at PDC. Now time to get on my plain.

[Edit I did not get this posted as soon as I would have liked but here it is finally]

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