Jun 29 2005

Woody at JavaOne!

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Yes that is correct my relatively new employer Microsoft has send me to JavaOne… Yes that is as in the Sun sponsored developer event(http://java.sun.com/javaone/) I have know about this event for years but have never found a way to come to it. Years ago when Fawcette had a small conference call VBits in the mid to late 90’s there was one year JavaOne and VBits overlapped and I went over to check it out and wow it was a well done show then and it is still a a well run show. They have lots of toys and event to keep people involved (this includes 8 Xboxes) they even have a big screen playing movies all day.

For the more important aspect they have some good sessions for a Java newbe like me I will also try to sit through some hands on labs. So far all I have done is worked in the Microsoft Booth all day yesterday and talked to people about how platforms can effectively interoperate using WebServices. The reaction was great we had some interesting conversations.

And I had time to fit in some fun!


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