Feb 17 2006

Windows Mobile 5.0 + MSFP

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I can’t take credit for this graphic but I was such a good depiction of the capabilities of Windows Mobile 5 and the Messaging and Security Feature Pack (MSFP) that I had to post it. What this means is that most of Microsoft biggest customers and a lot of small customers have all they need today to have secure Mobile solution.

I happen to be talking to a guy while I was at LAX coming back from Fresno, he was just setting up a Blackberry phone device of some sort and we got talking… To make a long story short hi company who had MS Exchange had just setup a RIM infrastructure and sent all of it’s filed employees new devices. I told him about the new features included in MSFP, he was quite interested, then I learned he was the CFO for this company… whoops I hope the CIO dose not get too hurt .

While I am on the subject let me show the device I am pinning over, the bad news is I have only had my i730 for about 6 months so I have a while before I can get it


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