Mar 04 2006

Feeling Violated!

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I am sorry for anyone who dose not care but I want to explain while I will be flaky for the next few days. Yesterday as I was leaving the office I got a call from my wife that the house had been broken in to some time during the day. Wow what crapy thing, everyone is OK and that is the most important thing but now I will get to deal with all the crap around this event. They got my wife’s laptop all of her jewelry which most of is family related, they may have gotten some other small things but nothing much. It was a grab what is easy to grab and run type of thing, they missed so much that I feel lucky! They had all the time they wanted to do what they wanted.

Any way I will end my winning now but I hop you all have good locks and keep you stuff out of site and locked up if you can.

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