Mar 05 2006

.NET Related Podcasts

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In my new job I have had some issues in trying to find the time to say as up on the breath of topics that I am interested in so I have started to down-load several a podcasts again. I use to down-load .NET Rocks all the time but I had stopped for some reason a while back so I went back and while I love Carl and Richard’s show it quite often covers content that I know quite well so I have now found through .NET Rocks two new shows that I am currently enamored with. The first is a Pwop production called HanselMinutes which is hosted by Carl but features Uber geek Scott Hanselman talking about cool geek stuff! The other is Polymorphic where Craig Shoemaker has some great content about .NET and a lot on Ajax.

I am sure there are other good podcasts out there but for the last two weeks these have been keeping me happy. Please let me know if other podcasts that are good.

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