Mar 06 2006

On the train home

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Yep BarCamp Los Angeles is over and all I can say is wow! This was great, why was it great? The people and the people and the people… you get it the people that put on this event took a great idea and executed it in LA extremely well and timed it perfectly. The timing is\was just before the O’Reilly Emerging Technology Conference in San Diego so there were more people in town for BarCamp from out of town then there would have been normally.

It was quite surprising how the event shaped up, there was far less coding content then I expected so I never offered to show ATLAS but I was asked to demo Office 12 so I did sign-up for 15 minute slot but alas no one showed up to see it which was good with me as though I used Office all the time I have never demoed it so it would have not been a good experience for me.

I hope the full list of sessions get posted so I can see how much I missed but I did get many interesting topics. One of them looks to me a life changing topic… Panel presentation with Mistress Chi Chi (AKA Carmen De Jesus) did a great topic on GTD (Getting Things Done). The concepts in GTD I thing could be a great way for me to conduct my life. I will try to document how my experience with GTD go.

I hope to get the majority of people who were at Barcamp LA down to CodeCamp San Diego in June.

OK so this was quite a random post about my experience at BarCamp but my mind is still just swimming with the experience.

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