Mar 29 2006

Robert what an XBOX?

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OK I know this has taken way too long but I finally can now give Robert his XBox. Robert did you give up hope? If you don’t know what I am jabbering about at the Visual Studio Launch in Anaheim last November there was a special Southern California Users Group meeting after the launch event where we raffled a XBox 360. I said it that time that I did not have one and that I could not promise when I would get one but yesterday in one of my spot checks at one of the local stores to my disbelieving hears I got YES we have some. It turned out only to be one (I would have bought as many as I could) but at this time I only owe one anyway. So Robert congratulations and I am sorry it took so long, my wife started to question my sanity with all the checking I did so I am glad to have this over!

I don’t think I will be giving away any more XBoxs for a while…

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