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May 31 2006

Mobile Virtual Labs

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Have you checked out any of the Virtual Labs? They simply rock! With no setup you can run a sand boxed system with every thing you need to do development is different scenarios. There are Virtual Labs for MSDN and TechNet the thing that got me excited is that there is now Virtual Labs for doing […]

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May 25 2006

Office Beta 2

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OK I know beta scares a lot of people but I don’t care who you are you want to see this one! For the announcement go here For the software go here you will have to fill out a from but it looks painless.

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May 10 2006

Mobile Development Workshop

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The San Diego .NET Users Group is putting on a Mobile Development Conference as always with these events I am sure it will sell out so sing-up soon!

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May 10 2006

Software Development Life Cycle anyone?

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So you want to want to know about Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) well do I have a deal for you! If you want to hear a great overview if SDLC come to the next of speakTECH Build a Better SDLC seminar series. The next one is Friday, May 19 at 9am to 4pm in […]

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May 06 2006

Are you goint to JavaOne?

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Well I am… Yes me Mr Microsoft the questions is why, well the world is not all .NET and with so many customers\users that live in the real world where there is Java and .NET in the same environment we make interop as easy as possible so we (Microsoft that is) are going back to […]

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May 03 2006

Dictionary Search Provider

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My fellow Developer Evangelist Tim Heuer has created an IE7 Search provider that uses the Merriam-Webster web site… way cool for me as I can’t spell for beans! Check it out: dictionary search provider

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