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Jun 29 2006

Test post

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This is a email test post… If this works then I can now do posting from e= mail. I am not sure that is a good thing but it’s cool! 🙂

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Jun 29 2006

New Blog version…

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I have just upgraded to dasBlog 1.8 from 1.7 as I was just getting hammered with track back spam. I will re do my skin soon sorry for any problems.

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Jun 22 2006

Creative Commons Add-in for Microsoft Office

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Quite interesting and good add-in for office to allow anyone to produce files that have the Creative Commons license into a document. Go get it and produce something great for the world! Office Add-in: Creative Commons Add-in for Microsoft Office

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Jun 21 2006

MSDN Event

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WOW I went to a MSDN event today… all I can say is wow if you have not been to a MSDN event you need to experience this type of event. You can see all kinds of geek information all in a movie theater. And yes if you try hard you can sneak in to […]

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Jun 13 2006

MOM 2007 Beta 2

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I know I am a coder so I should not care about infrastructure stuff but I do… I have see way too many developers blamed for infrastructure so I guess it has been an issue of self preservation but if you can get your servers monitored! Microsoft System Center Operations Manager 2007 Beta 2

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Jun 11 2006

eBay Developers Conference

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Yes this job has had some strange twists for me but I think this one takes the cake. I was going to Las Vegas to attend and work the booth at JBoss world and in the week before I came I was asked to attend the eBay Developers Conference. So here I am at lunch […]

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Jun 09 2006

Want Windows Vista?

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Yesterday Microsoft made Windows Vista available to anyone who wants to pay for shipping or download it. Go to and see if you system can run Vista… Note for me on my slow DSL the estimated time for download is 54 hours . Have fun!

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Jun 07 2006

PAG and dose mobile

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The PAG group has just released a CTP of the Mobile Client Software Factory. I have yet to read and play with the code but I am told it is great. Please let me know what you think of it if you decide to play with it.

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Jun 06 2006

Pubs Demo…

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OK I know this is going to be a pain in my side but I want to do it so I can stay current on Compact Framework development. On the suggestion of Scott Kerfoot I have stated to develop a small test Compact Framework application. I have setup a new site to host it and it’s […]

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