Jul 04 2006

Rock & Roll CodeCamp #2 in the bag!

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Well we are done the evals have been rolling in and about to be closed down.

Over all the response has been great, the event as a whole has received 8.13 out of a posable 9. I think that is fantastic! My favorite comment has been:

“Outstanding. My first exposure, and was really happy to have the opportunity to mix with others in the community and beef up my skillset and overall awareness of the technology. I have some ideas for more sessions, but what was provided was more than enough to keep me busy. Definitely worth the time invested to connect with the community and the technology.”

I would like to say a big THANKS to Daniel Egan & Michele Leroux Bustamante who were the ones who made this Code Camp happen! As well as Andrew Karcher & Mark Rosenberg who did a ton of work with the volunteers, signs etc. The entire San Diego and greater SoCal developer community really helped get the word out and make this a great success, thanks to every one.

I have been getting pictures from many different people. Here are some of my favorite.

IMGP2921 IMGP2925 CodeCamp-June2006-DavidMcCarter-02

I am sure others have pictures posted, let me know where they are and I will link to them.

Jeff sent me his collection: http://camel-turd.com/killola/codecamp/


I hope to see everyone at the Fullerton CodeCamp in January!

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