Jul 18 2006

What Did I Do This Weekend?

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I did my semi-regular cooking job at the San Diego Stand Down… Ok so it was my second time in five years but I am resolving to do it every year that I can from now on. What is Stand Down? Read all about it here http://www.vvsd.net/standdown.htm.

I am not much of a bleeding hart but I know it is all too easy for anyone to fall in to a bad place and I think some times for people who are in the military it can be especially easy. So I did my little part by helping to feed 1300+ lunches and 800+ dinners on Friday, working for over 12 hours and suffering a horrible sunburn (especially bad as my wife yelled at me as I was leaving the house to put on sunscreen). I did this with the local American Legion (yes I am a member) and a bunch of people who have been doing this for almost as long as this event has been going on. I find it quite strange how many people on one of the hottest weekends of the year still came out to help with this event (did I menchen I am not much of a bleeding hart?). As you can see from the photos below there was everything setup that someone would need to start down a better path.

All in all this was quite executing but I felt good about helping out in my little way and in a strange way I look forward to next year.

An overview of the whole thing (from there web site)
This was a panoramic I took of the main part of the grounds

The (not so well shaded) galley.

The food line before attacked 

The back side of the tents

The glamour Job…

Cutting the meatloaf

Hair cut anyone? 

Court will be in session… Quite Please. 

Some fun for the kids too 

Some wet fun too 

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