Jul 19 2006

Home computer security…

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I get asked a lot by my family and friends about how they should secure their computers so this is another entry on this topic with some updates from the last time I covered this.

First get router! I don’t care if you only have one computer in the house you still need this! I like the Linksys products, they’re cheap and easy to setup, get the BEFSR41 at a minimum.

Next make sure you have XP Service Pack 2 running! I know some will say it’s a pain but it is needed… no questions just get it!

Now stop running as a local administrator! This is huge pain but it is the best thing you can to protect yourself. If you don’t know what I am talking about check out nonadmin.editme.com

OK now we are set to talk about software you want to run to keep your system clean.

Go to the Microsoft Security software: Downloads and trials site:

  • Install the 12-month free trial of Computer Associates Antivirus product.
  • Install Windows Defender (I know it’s beta but it’s good)

Now make chose run a tool bar for Internet Explorer (MSN or Google) or better yet install the Internet Explorer 7 beta this will help stop popups and other annoying problems.

BAM!!! Your all done, now just make sure you login as admin once a week to let updates happen and be a smart user. Don’t trust the attachments that anyone sends you (no not even aunt Mable). Stop installing every application that you think will let you get free stuff (no Limewire or others).

What does the future hold? Vista! Yes I know it’s going to be an OS upgrade but by default you will run in a protected mode, even if you are logged in as an administrator.

Good luck!


Microsoft Security at Home web site

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