Jul 27 2006

Microsoft at OSCAMP

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Here at OSCON they have opened OSCAMP a open space that people can post a topic for a time and anyone who is interested can show up. They have even let people who are not attending the conference to come in and participate. Me and some other people from Microsoft thought we should contribute to this and we posted this as our topic:

Yep it reads (originally) “Why We Suck: Come chat w/Microsoft 7 Tell Us” Tim/Woody@MSFT

We were assailed as soon as we posted this, this is when the topic was “modified” to read “Why Unwitting Agents Suck: Come Chat w/Microsoft” by a guy who we later found out was Jair who refused to identify himself being the ultimate wimp, in my opinion if you make comments anonymously then your comments are not worth making. Yes there is a place and time for anonymity but when someone is threatening to get you fired (yes that is what he did) then you need to take a stand.

Over all at the time today it was a good conversion and I got to see some points of view that I had not considered. I thank all the people who came and wanted to have a good two-sided dialogue.

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