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Jul 18 2006

.NET 3.0?

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Are you interested in the future of .NET? The site is a great resource for all things new in the 3.0 world. Remember 3.0 is not a base framework update it just adds the WinFX components check out for more information.

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Jul 18 2006

What Did I Do This Weekend?

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I did my semi-regular cooking job at the San Diego Stand Down… Ok so it was my second time in five years but I am resolving to do it every year that I can from now on. What is Stand Down? Read all about it here I am not much of a bleeding hart […]

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Jul 18 2006

It’s here!

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I am sure you all have been waiting like myself for the final version and now it’s here! Mobile Client Software Factory Go get it!

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Jul 14 2006

New Mile Stone…

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  I drive a 1996 or 97 Toyota Camry, it’s beat up (am not easy on cars) it sinks as the kids have spilled milk in it but just look what it did… Yep the old thing just passed 150000 miles (I was diving when the odometer hi 150000 so I did the safe thing […]

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Jul 07 2006

Open XML Translator

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This is an intresting one we (Microsoft) is funding an open source project on SourceForge for an Office 2007 add-in to allow interoperability with .PDF, .XLS, and .ODF formats. See the project site at OK so that is cool, I know I will use it but I have to ask… why? Microsoft (ok that […]

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Jul 04 2006

Rock & Roll CodeCamp #2 in the bag!

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Well we are done the evals have been rolling in and about to be closed down. Over all the response has been great, the event as a whole has received 8.13 out of a posable 9. I think that is fantastic! My favorite comment has been: “Outstanding. My first exposure, and was really happy to […]

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