Sep 15 2006

Getting Started With Visual Studio

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Tonight I will get to talk to a class at San Diego State University about how to use Visual Studio to complete a class assignment.

I will do a in class demonstration but I will also show a lot of the free tanning resources Microsoft has for learning the toolset. I hope others can find this information useful.

First Free software!

There are a set of products Microsoft offers for free that will allow students, and hobbyists program on the windows platform. They can be found at the Visual Studio Express home page. There you can download two different types of Visual Studio, one for doing web development and four different ones for doing Windows development. You can also download SQL Server Express.

For the work in this class students will need one of the Windows Development Express products and SQL Server Express. I also suggest that they get the SQL Server Management Studio Express and the Northwind and Pubs sample database.

Now we have an environment to learn with… How about some lessons?

MSDN Virtual Labs

Some of my favorite things that are available are the MSDN Virtual Labs the Virtual Labs are way cool in that you don’t need to install any of the above software locally. You will need to have JavaScript enabled, IE6.0 or higher and the Virtual Server VRMC Advanced Control but that is a small price to pay for free hands on training. I was shocked to see that we have not updated all of the labs to Visual Studio 2005 but you and still learn the basics in 2003 and there are labs what is new for Visual Studio 2005.

Learn Visual Studio

The Learn Visual Studio site on MSDN lists other resources available, these include Learning Plans, E-Learning, Classroom Training, Available Books and Exams.

The Learning Plans are quite cool, you identify what type of development you want to learn and Microsoft will show you resources and let you build a custom learning plan.

More Resources

MSDN Flash
Future Versions of Visual Studio
San Diego .NET Developer Group
San Diego .NET User Group

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