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Dec 20 2006

Benware on Wikipedia!

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I know someone will delete this soon but there is my clam to fame… From my previous entry about benware vs malware I was told that I soul publish benware to to see how long it would last, I just posted a few minutes ago lets see how long it will make it. Go […]

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Dec 19 2006

SoCal Vista\Office 2007 Launch

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The local launch for Windows Vista Office 2007 & Exchange 2007 is coming to Southern California late January. There will be a total of 4 events in SoCal and one in Hawaii (that I will just have to go help with :)) I hope to see all of the users groups show up and help promote […]

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Dec 19 2006

GEEK Squad using Windows Mobile!

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This is a cool tidbit that I just found on Jason Langridge’s blog… It looks like the Best Buy Geek Squad is using Windows Mobile to provide better service. The full press pass article is here, what I like from it is the quote “It provides our field personnel with rapid and constant access to […]

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Dec 16 2006

Visual Studio SP1… RTMed!

Published by under Uncategorized Go get it! Lots of fixes and make VS 2005 work well on Vista (still not 100% but close). Technorati tags: VSTS, VS 2005, SP1

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Dec 14 2006

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I had a great lunch today with a bunch of people who I work with around user groups and developer events in SoCal. While we were doing some good SoCal conversation I was turned on to this funny web site. Thanks Stephen! Technorati tags: wii, web site

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Dec 13 2006

PDC 2007 Announced

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PDC will be coming back to Southern California! I hope to see you there! Details: Technorati tags: PDC, Los Angeles

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Dec 09 2006

Design Matters?

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As part of Microsoft focusing in a whole new way on design we have a new site dedicated to design at If you click around there you will find some interesting information on how much Microsoft is now thinking of design internally and externally. My favorite is the mission statement “To create products that people […]

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Dec 08 2006

MSDN Wiki…

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Do you know what a wiki is? They are great sites where anyone can contribute content to a site wikipeda is the biggest example of a wiki. Well someone at MS Corp decided to get on the bandwagon if you scroll down on some (for now) pages you will find the “Community Content” section there you will […]

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Dec 07 2006

Balls of Steel

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OK this blog is mostly about boring tech stuff but I am working late and a friend IMed me a link for a video from a show call “Balls of Steel” from the UK. All I can say is wow I want this show here!   Technorati tags: Balls of Steel, UK TV

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Dec 06 2006

“WPF/E” :o

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The December CTP of “WPF/E” is available. At Mix last year the people who were there got to see and hear about “WPF/E” before that it talked about at the Microsoft’s Professional Developer’s Conference (PDC) in late 2005 but the project went dark until now! No longer are we bound by crappy HTML for user […]

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