Dec 01 2006

malware vs benware

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I was in the LA office today waiting for a meeting to start and had 1/2 an hour to kill so I started to do some of the internal trailing that I always seem behind on. In this training there was a lot of use of the term “malwhare” a often over used word so I asked Steve Lange (Dev TS for SoCal) “what is malwhare” he quite quickly fired back “it’s malicious software… but I wonder what the term for harmless but useless software is? … must be benware as it would be benign software!”. So I now declare that all software that is useless to most must be referred to as benware! Software like the game Solitaire in Windows now be called benware! Have fun making your own list of software that falls in to this category.

Bye the way malware from is an interesting read. for some reason there is no entry for benware. 😉


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