Dec 09 2006

Design Matters?

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As part of Microsoft focusing in a whole new way on design we have a new site dedicated to design at If you click around there you will find some interesting information on how much Microsoft is now thinking of design internally and externally.

My favorite is the mission statement “To create products that people love to experience”. As a developer that is what I have always tried to but the interface the user sees is how they perceive the application. No matter how much work I did with making my code great, to the point of the better my code is the less the user thinks about it, but the way the application looks that is where the user will get the first impression and will make the biggest impact day to day.

This is an exciting time to be at Microsoft, I do think as we make more developers, CxOs and users understand how much design dose matter we can make peoples interaction with computers have a lot less friction!

Stay tuned for much more…


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