Jan 09 2007

5 Things you Probably Don’t Care About me

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Dang I got tagged… What is it with this tagging stuff? Don’t get me wrong I do like getting the cross traffic but still how much honesty do people expect? Well stand by!

I do have to say I am like my buddy Tim and have never moved a chain letter forward and will not be tagging anyone else sorry.

  1. I am extremely dyslexic this has been something that causes extreme difficulties for me so please excuse all the bad spelling on this blog.
  2. I never wanted to me married or have kids… I have now been extremely happily married for 17 years (in March) and have 2 boys that I am downright goofy about.
    • By the way my wife never reads my blog so I am not just staying this.
  3. I don’t much like crowds, I think it is a side effect of being so single tracked and not being able to keep track of everything.
  4. Working for a huge company is hard for me.
    • I worked for my own company or small firms for so long that the big company thing is quite hard for me but so far the job is interesting enough to keep me going. Do some reading of Mini-Microsoft to understand some of the issues but Mini-Microsoft works in Redmond there are more issues bout working in the field.
  5. I still love to make a computer do what I want, that is why I fell in love with programming when I was 12 years old with a TRS 80 16k color computer.

Eileen thanks for the tag, sorry I am not passing it along.

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