Mar 07 2007

WOW what a launch!

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I am on a plain back from Hawaii which means I am done with all the launch events in SoCal and Hawaii… I know you say how could it have been that bad if it ended in Hawaii but I assure it was a boat load of work. And the Hawaii was a 72 hour trip with 12 hours on a airplane and much work. 

It stared with the “Key City Launch” in Los Angels where we had a great set of presenters in including Michele Leroux Bustamante and Tim Huckaby. We had a great turnout and with good feedback. Then we had three SoCal (Ontario, San Diego & Anaheim) events and finally Honolulu Hawaii. These events were done by the Microsoft Across America team. At each event I got to meet several MVPs that are based in each location. Wow what a great group of people, they know the Microsoft better then some of the product group people. All the MVPs that helped out at each of the events were invaluable in making each event a success my only regret was that I never got to spend the amount of time with any of them that I wanted.

The best part of the events was I got to work with a new team member, Lynn Langit who is the new SoCal based Microsoft Across America (MSAM) Developer Evangelist. I am so excited to have someone else local in SoCal with me and the best part is that with the normal Microsoft reorganization she now is part of my west region team so we will be able to work closely together. If you did not get a chance to come see Lynn at the launch events you need to come check her out at the next set of MSDN sessions in SoCal.

Some of the feed back I got at the events was first WOW! Second “I can’t wait to start working with .NET 3.0 and SharePoint 2007. If you did not make any of the events check out Lynn’s blog ( about the session she did. She has done a great job of capturing all the resources and references to information about the information she covered.

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