Mar 15 2007

MIX anyone?

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Are you going to MIX? Don’t know what MIX is? Don’t care what MIX is?

OK my first question are you going MIX? I will be there and am looking forward to it greatly, last year there were a whole slue of announcements from the product groups and many real world customer examples of usage of the technology. Please let me know if you are coming so I can look for you at the craps table ;).

So you don’t know what MIX is go look at and once you figure out there is no useful information for you there then checkout last years event on Flickr and then do a search and see what people said about it last time.

And last you don’t care about MIX? You should! This is the event that where designers and get together and get along. As a developer I know (and have lived) the tensions between developers and designers. Check out Ryan Stewart blog posing Microsoft, Developers, Designers and Bill Gates to see what we are trying to do to make the interface for developers and designers easer and note he says that MIX should be a good show.

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