Mar 27 2007

Post BarCampLA-3

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What was Woody up to this weekend? Well from the earlier post about BarCampLA-3 I was super excited to go and I was not disappointed as all! If you want to see some things that happened there check out flickr and look for the tag BarCampLA3.

What did I like?

  • The people!
  • The sessions I will list what I saw later

What did not like?

  • Not staying the night
    • I stayed downtown next time I think I will crash at BarCamp depends on how old I am feeling that week
  • Too many carbs
    • I had just restarted a low carb diet and BarCamp was not help with that
  • To much going on
    • There is no way to get to all the sessions I wanted to

To see some of the craziness start looking for some videos as well Noodle Scar has one up now. 

There was plenty of work involved in getting BarCamp going so to all that helped thank you! Especially Heathervescent & Crystal Williams!

 Yes there was plenty of work!

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