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Apr 27 2007

WTF is Web 2.0?

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I have been getting this question a lot of late and I don’t think there is a good answer but I think this video gives a good perspective of some of the Web 2.0 features. Enjoy! Technorati tags: Web 2.0, video

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Apr 27 2007

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I am in Redmond for some training on the developer side of a lot of what I am seeing will not be announced until MIX so I can’t say much but watch for some great stuff! Technorati tags:, Developer

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Apr 18 2007

Blend Training Anyone?

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A Partner Training event is making a tour around the country and wow do I want to take this training! The title says it all “Designing Windows Experiences with Expression Blend” it is a two-day hands-on class so at the end you should have a good feel of what you can do with Blend. The […]

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Apr 13 2007

The CodeZone Is Functional!

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Part of my job is to help the local user group community in SoCal I can’t tell you how much time this takes and how different I have to do things for each group. The rub comes when I want to try and get all the groups to do something that would help them and […]

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Apr 12 2007

Mobility Touchdown

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Last week and this week I was helping out with two different Mobility Touchdown events last week was in the Microsoft office in LA and this week I am in The White House in Las Vegas (note The White House is the coolest event venue for hands on class I have ever been to). I […]

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Apr 11 2007

International Association of Software Architects SoCal Meeting

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The next IASA meeting will be in the Microsoft San Diego office, the topic will be Domain-Driven Design using the ADO.NET Entity Framework the presenter will be the world famous Tim McCarthy. For more information see the SoCal section of the IASA web site Technorati tags: Event, IASA SoCal

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