Apr 13 2007

The CodeZone Is Functional!

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Part of my job is to help the local user group community in SoCal I can’t tell you how much time this takes and how different I have to do things for each group. The rub comes when I want to try and get all the groups to do something that would help them and me there is always some groups that decide not to participate. Now don’t get me wrong I love my local groups and the leaders are great and after helping run a group for many year before this job I know how much of a pain in the a@@ doing anything extra can be but… (there’s always a but) I finally have something I think is so compelling and will only get more so to get all the groups to do something that will make there lives easer and my life as well.

It’s CodeZone.com this is not a new site but it finally has functionality that will make managing a user group much better! What is it… well the now people and register as a speaker on CodeZone so user groups can find them. So what dose this mean? If you are interested in speaking at the local user groups go to CodeZone.com and register as a user then once you are logged in you can register as a speaker. Then user group leader will be able to find you and ask you to speaker at there group. In SoCal so far we have 4 people registered as a speaker but we need more!

Let me know what you think of CodeZone.com I work quite closely with the team that created and supports this site and we want to find out how we cam make it even better!

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