May 03 2007

Warning sharp knives ahead!

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I am sitting in on a Software Deign Review (SDR) by the Connected Systems Division. I was not invited but they have yet to kick me out and thank goodness! I am getting exposed to the great work and ideas they have been working on for .NET 3.5. The exciting thing is that unlike every other SDR I have been involved I can talk about this today! You can see most of what they are talking about at BizTalk Labs web site. Also you can watch (once it’s posted) the MIX session “DEV03 – Navigating the Programmable Web” at the MIX Session site.

The big caveat for this stuff is that this to totally fluid, you can expect many changes before any of this gets any level of support.

The things on the plate are (not all are live now):

I am super stoked to see what happens with the Connectivity Services components as they have implemented a non-UDP protocol for this witch will make firewall administrators happy. With multicasting and integration with HTTP, RSS & more.

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