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Sep 30 2007

Windows Server 2008 events

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This may seam strange for a resource for developers but I think it’s quite important for developers to understand the OS. The Windows marketing team has a lot of resources for this month about Windows Server 2008 and IIS 7 check it out! Windows Server Division WebLog : October Marketing Waves Technorati Tags: IIS7, Windows Server […]

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Sep 27 2007

Master Chief goes to Harvard

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OK this may and only may be going a bit too far but I love it! The best thing you’ll see today: John P. Harvard goes Halo – Joystiq Technorati Tags: Halo 3, Halo

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Sep 26 2007

Master Chief Rocked SoCal!

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Last night I got to be the local lead for the Halo 3 launch event in the SoCal Irvine office and WOW what I hot event! OK that was a reference to the non-existent air conditioning but event with no air conditioning every one had a blast. We had 6 XBoxes running Halo 3 and one […]

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Sep 24 2007

Honolulu Geek Dinner

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Anyone up for a geek diner in Honolulu? I happen to be going to Honolulu to give a talk on Windows Mobile development to the Hawaii Telecommunications Association conference. The local .NET users group will not be meeting while I am there so we are getting together for a geek dinner on October 10th at […]

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Sep 19 2007

It’s been a long time since I took drivers ed…

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While at a resent team offsite Anand Iyer said it was legal to make a left on red at a one-way and while I took my drivers education along time ago and in a different state I thought for sure there had been a big stick about this… Alas I was wrong and Anand found […]

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Sep 18 2007

User Groups in Southern California

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An updated list of user groups. While I don’t think there will ever be a holistic list of user groups in Southern California as this is a moving target I hope to post a list like this about once a quarter or so. This is a list of Microsoft Developer focused user groups that I […]

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Sep 14 2007

Now we get to what people want to hear…

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OK I work for Microsoft but I don’t work at Microsoft because it’s a great place to work… Wait what did he just say? That is correct I don’t work for Microsoft because it’s a great place to work… It is a great place to work but like any place there are frustrations and issues but what […]

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Sep 12 2007

Central Coast Code Camp

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Are you going to the Central Coast Code Camp on September 22nd & 23rd and coming from San Diego or LA? Well I am and I have decide to take the train up. It’s a long ride but can be fun. On 9/21/2007 I will be taking the Amtrak: Pacific Surfliner #763 from Oceanside (7:02 […]

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Sep 11 2007

IT Architect Regional Conference 2007

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A San Diego IT Architect Regional Conference is coming! October 15 & 16 2007 at the Sheraton Marina in San Diego, CA (great location for a conference) The only problem is that the early bird registration is about to end. You need to get registered by September 14 (this Friday) or you will pay $100 more than […]

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Sep 06 2007

Want some huge news?

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I know this has been covered by many others but I feel I need to jump on the band wagon… For the official news go to the press release Microsoft Delivers Silverlight 1.0, Extends Support to Linux WTF? Yes we have made a deal with Novel to do a bunch of legal stuff that will let […]

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