Sep 14 2007

Now we get to what people want to hear…

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OK I work for Microsoft but I don’t work at Microsoft because it’s a great place to work… Wait what did he just say? That is correct I don’t work for Microsoft because it’s a great place to work… It is a great place to work but like any place there are frustrations and issues but what keeps me going is one simple reason! The value proposition of the software Microsoft makes. The problem we (Microsoft) as a company has is that we use way too many ways to try to describe this but finally we have a resource that lays this out for developers quite well.

Check out the Why learn about .NET you will find some of the arguments about why developers should consider .NET for their next project and it lays out some good resources for them get started with.

We just now need more resources that talk about how and why rest of out products save time and money. For a start you can go to the Compare site on

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