Sep 26 2007

Master Chief Rocked SoCal!

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Last night I got to be the local lead for the Halo 3 launch event in the SoCal Irvine office and WOW what I hot event! OK that was a reference to the non-existent air conditioning but event with no air conditioning every one had a blast. We had 6 XBoxes running Halo 3 and one running Garter Hero. 130 people from all parts of SoCal (San Diego, Santa Monica and further) lots of good gammier food (pizza, chips, candy etc.). At one point we had one team of 4 get ganged up on by two other teams because they were just too good :).

I have posted some pictures on flickr with the tag “halo3irvine” check them out and please add your own if you have some.

I would like to point out this event was a huge effort and all I had to do was setup the local hardware and host the event. Many many people (Erin, Jason, Yesenia, Scott, Matt, Jas, Shaina and Chris) made this event happen you all are the reason that working here is so much fun!

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